How to save a web page as a PDF in Safari on your iPad

I love this great trick for converting web pages to PDF in Safari on your iPad.  The hardest part (though not hard at all) is creating the bookmark. Once you have the bookmark, however, you can convert any webpage with the touch of a button. Just follow these instructions (there is also a quick video tutorial below):

1) Go into Safari on your iPad and open any webpage. If you are reading this blog post on your iPad in Safari you can do it from right here.

2) Select the “action” button and then touch “Bookmark”

step 1 bookmark







3) When you create the bookmark rename it to “Save as PDF”

step 1.5 bookmark










3) Touch the bookmarks button then select “edit”. Touch the arrow next to the “Save as PDF” bookmark

step 2 bookmarkStep 3 bookmark











4) Just below the title of the bookmark, where you will now see the URL that you are on, touch the “x” to delete the current URL and paste this code exactly as shown.


Touch the word “Bookmarks” button to save and return.

step 4 bookmark










That’s it, you’ve created your new bookmark and are ready to save webpages as a PDF. All you have to do is navigate to the website you want to save as a PDF and then touch the “Save as PDF” bookmark. In just a few moments you will see your webpage has been converted and you can use the “open-in” feature to move the PDF from Safari to your favorite app (we happen to be partial to Skaffl).

step 5 bookmarkThis is a great way to share an article with your student for them to highlight and annotate as they read. You can also share these instructions with students so they can save copies of articles as they do research.





A brief video that shows you how simple this is:



In case you are wondering what this will do is send your webpage to a site called which does the conversion for you.