Using your iPad to remember student names

Memorizing students names quickly is a great way to connect with your students right from the start. Trying to remember the names of 30-120 or so students can be a difficult task, but if you have an iPad (or and iPhone) you can get use digital flashcards to make it a little easier. Getting your students pictures onto the flashcards can also be a fun ice breaker and a way to learn more about them!

There are lots of great flashcard apps out there, but for this activity I was looking for a really simple one that allowed me to add pictures to the cards. The answer was Chegg. If you are on your iPad you will need to switch to viewing iPhone apps in order to search for Chegg in the App store.

Step 1: Set up a deck for each class/section that you teach

new deck step 2 add a class steip 3 add a class











Step 2: Set up the decks in each class by selecting the orange button, choosing “Deck Options” and making sure to turn on “Start with definition”

deck setup 1 deck setup 2 deck setup 3











Step 3: Go into the deck for the class that you want to create flashcards for and touch the “+” button. Have students enter their name and one sentence about themselves (favorite activity, favorite class, greatest skill, what they did over the summer etc.). The key is to enter all the information in the title line and nothing in the definition section. They then touch the paper clip icon and have another classmate take their picture. Have them pass the iPad to the next student.

create card 1

create card 2 create card 3











Step 4: Now you can play through the deck to learn student names and a little something about each!

front of card

back of card






I really like this activity, because students can take their picture and fill in their information while you are taking care of the administrative tasks on the first day of school, or are doing another ice breaker. This also shows students how to use a flashcard app which a great tool for them to use when it comes time to study.