Video Exit Tickets

video exit ticket

One of the most popular social media sites today is Vine. With Vine you create a short 7 second looping video to share with the world. Why is it so popular? What can you possibly say in 7 seconds? Well, it’s quite amazing to see what people can do with just 7 seconds.

Give your students just a few more seconds of time and you can create some great artifacts of learning via a quick video exit ticket!

We know great teachers are always checking for student understanding throughout class. Asking questions and making sure that all students understand the lesson from start to finish. A really simple way to make sure that students understood the lesson of the day is to have them do a quick video response at the end of class! Watching the student videos in the evening as you prepare the next day’s lesson is a great way to use formative data to shape your next day’s plans.

You can use these video exit tickets to:

  • Check for understanding of specific facts
  • Emphasize the essential question of the day
  • See if students can apply the content in new ways
  • Provide feedback about the lesson itself

A few questions you can ask include:

  • Tell me one thing you learned today that relates to our essential question?
  • I’m still confused about?
  • Tomorrow I want to learn more about?
  • The most difficult thing about today’s lesson was?
  • Compare/Contrast
  • Why was what we learned today important?
  • Provide an example of what we learned about today.

While 7 seconds may not be long enough, giving students a time limit helps keep them on task. So keep the question focused and do give them a time limit (30 seconds is a good limit) and see what great video feedback you can get from students!

Recording, collecting, and viewing video exit tickets is all easily done from within Skaffl. 

Step 1: Create a dropbox assignment and distribute to your students. In the “description” section provide the question you want students to answer as well as the time limit.

Step 2: Have students record their video directly in Skaffl by selecting “+” and then “camera”. Make sure students remember to “Hand In” their work when done.

add video directly





Step 3: Watching the video is as easy as pressing play in each student’s assignment.